Dinosaur World life sized T. Rex in the pine trees.

Roaring Adventures at Dinosaur World 2023: Unleashing Your Inner Paleontologist!

Embark on a roaring adventure at Dinosaur World and unleash your inner paleontologist! Explore life-size dinosaur sculptures, interactive exhibits, fossil digs, and more in this thrilling educational experience for the entire family. Take advantage of this unforgettable prehistoric journey!

Embark on a roaring adventure at Dinosaur World, where life-size dinosaur sculptures and interactive exhibits bring the prehistoric era to life. With three locations across the United States, these outdoor theme parks offer unforgettable experiences for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages. Discover the talented artist behind the incredible sculptures, participate in hands-on activities, and make memories with special events and photo opportunities. Dive into the world of dinosaurs and unleash your inner paleontologist at Dinosaur World.

A Prehistoric Playground Awaits: Step into the Jurassic Era

Imagine yourself transported millions of years into the past, walking amongst the incredible creatures that once roamed our planet. At Dinosaur World Theme Parks, this dream becomes a reality as you explore life-size dinosaur sculptures and immersive exhibits that bring the prehistoric era to life.

As you enter Dinosaur World, you’ll be greeted by a diverse array of dinosaur species towering above you. These meticulously crafted sculptures are designed to provide an accurate representation of these ancient animals, engaging your curiosity and imagination. But how did these colossal creatures live, hunt, and interact with their environment? Interactive exhibits throughout the park allow you to dive deeper into the world of dinosaurs, providing fascinating insights into their behavior, biology, and the ecosystems they inhabited.

Entering Dinosaur World and you'll be greeted by a diverse array of dinosaur species towering above you.

The prehistoric adventure doesn’t end with just admiring these giant replicas. Dinosaur World offers a range of hands-on activities designed to fuel your passion for paleontology. Uncover fossils in the Fossil Dig or embark on a guided tour to learn even more about these ancient giants. With every step, you’ll find yourself immersed in the captivating world of dinosaurs, their history, and the science that has helped us understand these magnificent creatures.

But what about the plants and geological features of the time? As you wander through the park, you’ll also discover examples of prehistoric flora and the geological processes that shaped the Earth during the time of dinosaurs. This comprehensive experience allows you to explore the interconnected nature of life on Earth, both past and present.

At Dinosaur World theme parks, you’ll not only witness the majesty of these long-extinct animals but also gain a deeper appreciation for the scientific discoveries that have allowed us to unravel the mysteries of their existence. So, are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through time? Step into the Jurassic Era and let the prehistoric adventure begin!

Embark on a roaring adventure at Dinosaur World, where life-size dinosaur sculptures and interactive exhibits bring the prehistoric era to life. With three locations across the United States, these outdoor theme parks offer unforgettable experiences for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages. Discover the talented artist behind the incredible sculptures, participate in hands-on activities, and make memories with special events and photo opportunities. Dive into the world of dinosaurs and unleash your inner paleontologist at Dinosaur World.

Location Highlights: Three Parks to Explore

Dinosaur World has crafted three distinct parks in the United States, each offering a unique blend of attractions and experiences for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages. From the sunny shores of Florida to the rolling hills of Kentucky and the vast landscapes of Texas, there is always something new to discover at these great parks. Let’s take a closer look at what each location has to offer.

Dinosaur World, Plant City, Florida

Dinosaur World, Plant City, Florida: 

Nestled just outside of Tampa, the Florida location offers a tropical adventure filled with lush greenery, palm trees, and life-size dinosaur sculptures that will leave you in awe. The park features a Bone Yard where kids can dig for fossils and uncover replica dinosaur skeletons, as well as a Dinosaur Walk where you can stroll among the giants of the past. For an additional thrill, embark on an interactive guided tour that reveals exciting details about these prehistoric creatures and their habitat.

Dinosaur World Florida is Dog Friendly!

Dinosaur World is also a dog-friendly attraction for those well-behaved, leash-trained puppies you want to bring along for the ride. Water stations are provided! Dogs are allowed everywhere except the indoor museum with the animatronics.

Dinosaur World Florida
5145 Harvey Tew Road
Plant City, FL 33565
(813) 717-9865
Open Daily: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Dinosaur World, Glen Rose, Texas

Dinosaur World, Glen Rose, Texas:

Located near Dinosaur Valley State Park, this Texas gem is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. The park features a Dinosaur Trail, which winds through wooded areas and past remarkable sculptures that seem to come to life in their natural environment. The Exploration Cave Show offers an exciting opportunity to learn about the paleontological research that has shaped our understanding of dinosaurs. Additionally, take advantage of the opportunity to engage with the park’s animatronic dinosaurs, which add a thrilling level of realism to your prehistoric adventure.

Dinosaur World Texas is Dog Friendly!

Dinosaur World is also a dog-friendly attraction for those well-behaved, leash-trained puppies you want to bring along for the ride. Water stations are provided!

Dinosaur World Texas
1058 Park Road 59
Glen Rose, TX 76043
(254) 898-1526

Open Daily: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Dinosaur World, Cave City, Kentucky

Dinosaur World, Cave City, Kentucky: 

Situated near the famous Mammoth Cave National Park, the Kentucky location provides a unique backdrop for your dinosaur exploration. Along with its impressive collection of dinosaur sculptures, the park boasts a Fossil Dig where children can uncover authentic fossils to take home as souvenirs. Be sure to check out the Prehistoric Plant Walk, which showcases a variety of ancient plants that once shared the Earth with dinosaurs, offering a fascinating glimpse into the ecosystems of the past.

Dinosaur World Kentucky is Dog Friendly!

Dinosaur World is also a dog-friendly attraction for those well-behaved, leash-trained puppies you want to bring along for the ride. Water stations are provided!

Dinosaur World Kentucky
711 Mammoth Cave Rd
Cave City, KY 42127
(270) 773-4345
Open Daily: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (CST)

Each Dinosaur World location offers its own unique blend of attractions, exhibits, and hands-on experiences, ensuring that every visit provides a fresh and engaging adventure. So, are you ready to explore the captivating world of dinosaurs? Choose your destination, and let the prehistoric journey begin!

Meet the Creator: Christer Svensson’s Vision

Get to know Christer Svensson, the remarkable artist responsible for bringing the prehistoric world to life at Dinosaur World theme parks. His passion for accuracy and attention to detail has resulted in life-size sculptures that captivate and inspire visitors of all ages. Let’s delve into the story behind this talented creator and his vision for these extraordinary parks.

From Sweden to the World: A Journey of Passion

Christer Svensson, a Swedish artist with a deep love for dinosaurs, embarked on a journey to share his passion with the world. He began by creating an open-air dinosaur park in his homeland, which soon gained popularity and inspired him to expand his vision to the United States. Today, his life-size sculptures can be found at three Dinosaur World locations across the country, captivating the hearts and minds of visitors who come to marvel at these magnificent creatures.

A Labor of Love: Crafting the Dinosaurs

Creating the sculptures for Dinosaur World is a labor-intensive process that requires exceptional skill and dedication. Svensson meticulously sculpts each dinosaur using steel frames and fiberglass, paying close attention to the latest scientific research on anatomy and appearance. His commitment to accuracy ensures that visitors to Dinosaur World are treated to an authentic and immersive experience, allowing them to truly appreciate the majesty of these long-extinct animals.

Sculpture of a realistic Diplodocus Dinosaur at Dinosaur World

In addition to their lifelike appearance, Svensson’s sculptures are designed to withstand the test of time. Each dinosaur is constructed with weather-resistant materials, ensuring that they remain in excellent condition for years to come. This attention to detail and longevity is a testament to Svensson’s passion for his work and his desire to share the wonder of dinosaurs with generations of visitors.

Educational Outreach: Inspiring Future Paleontologists

Beyond the impressive visuals, Christer Svensson’s work serves an important educational purpose. By creating accurate representations of prehistoric animals, he helps to inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity in visitors, potentially sparking a lifelong interest in paleontology, science, and the natural world. Svensson’s dedication to realism and education is a driving force behind the success of Dinosaur World theme parks, ensuring that they remain an engaging and enlightening experience for all who visit.

The extraordinary vision of Christer Svensson has brought the ancient world of dinosaurs to life in a way that captivates and educates. His dedication to accuracy and his passion for these incredible creatures have resulted in an unforgettable experience for visitors of Dinosaur World. So, why not come and meet the lifelike creations of this talented artist and embark on your own prehistoric adventure?

Educational Experiences: Learning Comes Alive

Immerse yourself in the educational offerings at Dinosaur World theme parks, where interactive exhibits and engaging programs bring the world of dinosaurs to life. Visitors can dive deep into the history, biology, and geology of these amazing creatures, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of the prehistoric world.

Hands-On Learning: Fossil Dig and Gem Mining

At Dinosaur World, visitors are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and get hands-on with history. The Fossil Dig offers children the chance to unearth replica fossils, simulating the work of real paleontologists. Equipped with brushes and trowels, they can carefully uncover the “remains” of long-extinct creatures, igniting their curiosity and excitement for scientific discovery.

The Gem Mining experience takes guests on a treasure hunt, allowing them to sift through sand and gravel to find hidden gems and minerals. This activity not only entertains but also educates participants about geology and the formation of precious stones.

Interactive Exhibits: The Dinosaur Walk and Museum

The Dinosaur Walk is a captivating outdoor exhibit that showcases Svensson’s life-size sculptures in a natural setting. Visitors can follow the winding paths, learning about each species through informative signage along the way. The realistic sculptures and detailed information bring the world of dinosaurs to life, encouraging guests to imagine what it was like when these giants roamed the Earth.

Dinosaur Walk at Dinosaur World

The on-site museum provides further opportunities for education, featuring displays of dinosaur fossils, skeletons, and other prehistoric artifacts. Interactive exhibits such as touchscreen kiosks and multimedia presentations cater to different learning styles, ensuring that visitors of all ages can engage with the material and gain a deeper understanding of dinosaur history.

Guided Tours and Workshops: Expert Insight

Dinosaur World offers guided tours and educational workshops led by knowledgeable staff members who share their expertise and enthusiasm for paleontology with guests. These experiences allow visitors to ask questions, gain deeper insights into the lives of dinosaurs, and learn about the latest scientific discoveries. By interacting with experts in the field, visitors can further expand their knowledge and appreciation for these awe-inspiring creatures.

Dinosaur World provides a wide range of educational experiences that captivate and engage visitors, fostering a love of learning and a deeper understanding of the prehistoric world. From hands-on activities to interactive exhibits and expert-led programs, there is truly something for everyone at these unique and inspiring theme parks. Why not embark on your own educational journey and unearth the fascinating world of dinosaurs at Dinosaur World?

Fossil Fun: Digging for Dinosaur Treasures

Overview: Experience the excitement of unearthing fossils and become a part of the thrilling world of paleontology at Dinosaur World. Join in on hands-on activities like the Fossil Dig, where visitors can excavate replicas of real dinosaur fossils and even take home their discoveries as cherished mementos of their prehistoric adventure.

Dig Like a Paleontologist: The Fossil Dig Experience

At Dinosaur World, guests have the unique opportunity to step into the shoes of a paleontologist during the Fossil Dig activity. This interactive experience allows participants to carefully excavate replica fossils buried in a designated dig site, using tools like brushes and trowels to gently uncover the hidden treasures beneath the surface.

As visitors uncover replicas of dinosaur bones, teeth, and other remnants, they gain a deeper understanding of the techniques used by real paleontologists in the field. This hands-on activity helps to foster a sense of curiosity and wonder for the natural world and encourages participants to further explore the fascinating realm of paleontology.

Kids dig for fossils at Dinosaur World

Fossil Identification and Interpretation

During the Fossil Dig, staff members are on hand to guide and educate participants about the various fossils they uncover. Visitors learn about the different types of dinosaur fossils, their significance, and how scientists use these ancient clues to piece together the story of Earth’s prehistoric past.

As participants unearth and identify their fossil finds, they gain valuable insights into the lives and habits of the dinosaurs they represent. This interactive learning experience not only entertains but also educates visitors on the importance of fossils as a window into our planet’s history.

Take-Home Treasures: Souvenirs of Your Adventure

One of the most rewarding aspects of the Fossil Dig is the opportunity to take home a piece of prehistory. Participants can choose from a selection of their unearthed replicas, transforming their discoveries into cherished keepsakes. These souvenirs serve as a reminder of the excitement and wonder experienced at Dinosaur World, inspiring a continued passion for learning and exploration.

The Fossil Dig at Dinosaur World offers visitors an engaging and educational experience that combines hands-on learning with the thrill of discovery. By participating in this activity, guests can connect with the fascinating world of dinosaurs and paleontology, fostering a love of science and a greater appreciation for Earth’s incredible history. So, why not grab a trowel and embark on your own fossil-hunting adventure at Dinosaur World?

Making Memories: Special Events and Photo Opportunities

Dinosaur World offers a fantastic setting for special occasions, such as birthday parties and group outings. With its unique atmosphere and numerous photo opportunities, visitors can create unforgettable memories alongside their favorite dinosaurs at these remarkable theme parks.

Celebrate with Dinosaurs: Birthday Parties and Group Outings

Imagine the excitement of celebrating a birthday party surrounded by life-size dinosaurs! Dinosaur World provides a one-of-a-kind experience for children and adults alike, with customizable party packages designed to cater to various ages and interests. From private guided tours to hands-on activities like the Fossil Dig, the park offers a range of interactive experiences that will delight party guests and make the special day even more memorable.

Kids birthday party at Dinosaur World

Group outings at Dinosaur World are perfect for school field trips, club events, or family gatherings. The park offers discounted rates for groups, and the knowledgeable staff can help tailor the visit to fit specific educational goals or themes. These shared experiences will leave a lasting impression on participants and provide a unique bonding opportunity.

Capture the Moment: Picture-Perfect Photo Opportunities

As you explore Dinosaur World, you’ll find countless opportunities to snap that perfect photo with your favorite prehistoric creatures. The life-size dinosaur sculptures, crafted with incredible attention to detail, provide a realistic and captivating backdrop for your pictures.

Pose beside a towering T. rex, get up close and personal with a friendly Triceratops, or snap a group shot in front of the park’s iconic entrance sign. These photo opportunities not only capture the fun and excitement of your visit but also create cherished memories that you can look back on for years to come.

Realistic sculptures of a T. Rex at Dinosaur World

In addition to the dinosaur sculptures, Dinosaur World offers unique themed areas and exhibits that serve as excellent photo spots. Capture your adventures in the interactive Fossil Dig, or snap a photo with the park’s giant Pteranodon perched overhead. With so many incredible scenes to choose from, you’ll have no shortage of fantastic photos to remember your visit.

So why not make your next celebration or group outing a truly memorable experience at Dinosaur World? With its engaging activities, unique atmosphere, and countless photo opportunities, this prehistoric playground offers visitors the chance to create unforgettable memories while learning about the amazing world of dinosaurs.

Planning Your Visit: Tips for a Dino-mite Day!

Make the most of your visit to Dinosaur World with insider tips on admission, hours of operation, and recommendations for enhancing your prehistoric adventure. Let’s dive into the essential information to ensure a fun and educational experience for the whole family.

Admission and Hours: A Ticket to Adventure

When planning your visit to Dinosaur World, it’s important to know the admission fees and hours of operation for each location. Generally, the parks are open daily throughout the year, with the exception of major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, be sure to check the specific hours for the park you plan to visit, as they may vary slightly by location.

Admission fees at Dinosaur World are reasonably priced, with discounts available for children, seniors, and military personnel. Additionally, group rates and annual passes are available for those who want to enjoy the park multiple times throughout the year. Keep an eye out for special promotions or package deals that may be offered during certain seasons or for specific events.

Maximize Your Experience: Tips for a Smooth Visit

To make the most of your day at Dinosaur World, consider these dino-mite tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience:

1. Arrive early: Beat the crowds and maximize your time with the dinosaurs by arriving early in the day. This will give you ample time to explore the park at a leisurely pace and participate in all the activities on offer.

2. Dress appropriately: With the majority of the park being outdoors, be prepared for various weather conditions. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat for sun protection.

3. Pack snacks and drinks: While some Dinosaur World locations have on-site cafes, it’s a good idea to bring along snacks and drinks to keep you energized throughout the day.

4. Plan your route: With so much to see and do, take a few minutes to plan your route through the park. This will help ensure you don’t miss any of your must-see attractions and make your day more efficient.

5. Engage with the staff: The knowledgeable staff at Dinosaur World are passionate about dinosaurs and eager to share their expertise. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or engage them in conversation to deepen your understanding of these incredible creatures.

By taking these tips into account, you’ll be well-prepared for a dino-mite day at Dinosaur World, filled with unforgettable memories and exciting educational experiences for the whole family.

Top 10 Things to See or Do at Dinosaur World Theme Parks

  1. Life-Size Dinosaur Sculptures: 
    • Marvel at over 150 life-size dinosaur sculptures meticulously created by artist Christer Svensson. These stunning, realistic creations allow visitors to truly appreciate the size and majesty of these prehistoric creatures, making for an unforgettable visual experience.
  2. Interactive Exhibits: 
    • Immerse yourself in the world of dinosaurs through interactive exhibits designed for all ages. With hands-on activities and informative displays, visitors can learn about dinosaur anatomy, habitats, and behaviors while having a blast.
  3. Dino Gem Excavation: 
    • Unleash your inner treasure hunter at the Dino Gem Excavation. With a variety of colorful gemstones and minerals to discover, this activity offers an exciting and educational experience for the entire family.
  4. Fossil Dig: 
    • Try your hand at paleontology by participating in the Fossil Dig, where visitors can excavate replicas of real dinosaur fossils. As a bonus, you can even take home your finds as a souvenir of your adventure.
  5. Boneyard: 
    • Venture into the Boneyard and uncover a massive dinosaur skeleton buried beneath the sand. This interactive attraction allows kids to experience the thrill of uncovering prehistoric secrets.
  6. Dinosaur Walk: 
    • Stroll along the Dinosaur Walk, a scenic trail lined with life-size dinosaur sculptures in natural settings. With informative signs accompanying each dinosaur, you’ll learn fascinating facts while enjoying the captivating scenery.
  7. Museum: 
    • Expand your knowledge of dinosaurs by visiting the on-site museum, featuring a wide array of authentic fossils, informative exhibits, and even animatronic dinosaurs that bring these ancient creatures to life.
  8. Dino-themed Playground: 
    • Let your little ones burn off energy at the dino-themed playground, featuring climbing structures, slides, and swings designed to entertain and challenge children in a fun, prehistoric setting.
  9. Special Events: 
    • Attend one of Dinosaur World’s special events, such as Dino Day, holiday celebrations, or themed weekends. These unique occasions offer additional activities and experiences to make your visit even more memorable.
  10. Photo Opportunities: 
    • Capture the magic of your visit with unforgettable photo opportunities throughout the park. Snap a picture with your favorite dinosaur, pose in a giant dinosaur egg, or document your fossil finds for a keepsake that will last a lifetime.

With so much to experience at Dinosaur World, visitors of all ages can enjoy an unforgettable adventure filled with education, excitement, and awe-inspiring encounters with the incredible world of dinosaurs.


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